TBI Bulletin: Automatic LPG Cylinder Booking and Leakage Management System + Measuring Pollution in Ganges + Proposed Ban on Tobacco Products + More! (18.06.2012)


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1. She will be able to study in a condition better than the existing struggle on the street! Inspired by a news-story carried by The Hindu on June 5 (highlighted in TBI Bulletin), the Indian Bank has offered financial help to S. Divya, a homeless 16-year-old who topped her school in the class X examinations.

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2. What four students have achieved for the safety of homes should have been done by the cash-rich public sector cooking gas suppliers long back! The students of Department of Telecommunication of P A College of Engineering have developed ‘Automatic LPG cylinder booking and leakage management system’. It alerts the consumers when the gas starts leaking by sending SMSes.

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3. They sailed 2,525 kms in a raft and a rubber boat in topsy-turvy, full-of-boulders and dangerously high-speed water flows and currents of River Ganga, tracking downstream from its source at Gangotri in Himalaya to end at Kolkata. Their mission: to document the contribution of each city to the pollution of the Ganga!

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4. For the first time in Asia, a 2.2 km long and 135 metre wide Rowing Channel has been developed the Army and Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). In phase II, the channel will have a start tower, aligners hut, timing hut, 600-people viewers’ gallery, finish hut, boat sheds and jetties!

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5. As an ideal gesture to World Anti-Tobacco Day and Campaign, the Maharashtra government is all set to ban gutka and paan masala in the State. We certainly hope it comes through.

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Compiled by Devdutt.

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