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These Unforgettable Cartoons From The 90s Will Put A Smile On Your Face

These Unforgettable Cartoons  From The 90s Will Put A Smile On Your Face

It's impossible to forget the kind of cartoons the 90s gave us - from The Jungle Book to The Flinstones to Swat Cats. It was priceless and simply blissful.

The 90s had a plethora of some of the most unforgettable cartoons – a truly golden era. Binge-watching back-to-back episodes, rooting for our heroes, making meticulous notes in our heads about a marathon screening. Those were the golden days. Here’s a tribute to days long gone but vivid in our memories.

1. The Jungle Book

This Rudyard Kipling classic continues to be a roaring favorite among children. The show was aired on Doodarshan and Mowgli, that little boy who grew up in the jungle, was a household name. The Jungle Book was even dubbed in Hindi. Popular actor Nana Patekar lent his voice for antagonist Sherkhan and the lines from the show continue to echo in our minds and hearts: “Chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai, phool khila hai…”

2. Tom & Jerry

This one is evergreen. It has managed to remain a classic and has both adults and children gaga over its simplicity and happiness-inducing episodes. It had a plethora of life lessons for its viewers as it traced the cat and mouse trajectory. Friendship, madness, goofy tales, rivalry – you name it, the show had it!

3. The Flinstones

Almost a history lesson, the sweetest one there ever was – The Flinstones had the most lovable characters imaginable and appealed to our whims and fancies. Caves , dinosaurs, baby elephants and more, there was so much to love about The Flinstones. Fred Flinstone’s delightful ‘Yabadabadooo!’ remains absolutely legendary.

4. Swat Cats

Swat Cats had the liveliest setup – a fictional metropolis called Megakat City filled with scores of felines. Everyone loved the two pilots with their impressive arsenal and badass personas. Good always triumphs over evil, the bad guys will never win, we were reassured. There’s nothing to fear when the Swat Cats are here to save the day!

5. The Scooby Doo Show

Ah, that lovely dog and Shaggy, who can ever forget Scooby doo? It was innocent and simply effervescent. Scobby Doo and his gang were adept at solving mysteries and to top it all off, it was hilarious to watch their antics, episode after episode. Everyone fell for that adorable, goofy dog!

6. Popeye The Sailor Man

Popeye, the sailor man, his conquests and his undying love for spinach! It was a great tool to get kids to eat their greens. Popeye’s exploits involving Olive and the show’s bad guy, Brutus (Bluto), are much loved and still spoken about decades later. Everyone wanted to be as strong as the sailor man, everyone wanted to swoop in and be the hero of the story.

7. Dexter’s Laboratory

Dexter was the smartest kid on the block. The fact that he had a laboratory in his own home was enough to get a lot of us hooked onto the show’s interesting plot line.

8. The Jetsons

While The Flinstones looked at the stone age, The Jetsons imagined a futuristic setup complete with flying jets and treadmills in the sky. The show was very innovative and so much fun to watch, thanks to the countless number of fascinating scenarios. Robots, holograms, and quirky inventions – it was an absolutely ingenious utopia.

9. Powerpuff Girls

Mojo-Jojo can never ever defeat the Powerpuff girls – Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles . The show was simply and lovely for its premise – three girls with superpowers protecting the innocent from danger. Townsville had nothing to worry about, the city could bank on the Powerpuff girls for divine intervention, after all!

10. Talespin

Ever harbored dreams of being a pilot because of this show? A sense of adventure, a thirst for the unknown, conviction in the idea that the possibilities are endless – Tailspin was all this and much more. The name of the show refers to ‘’tailspin,” the moment when an airplane is caught in a steep spiral and when it descends swiftly. The sky was really a playground, an incredibly uplifting show, this one!

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