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TBI Bulletin – Positive News From All Around (22.05.2012)

Presenting today’s edition of positive news from around the web. To share any positive news that you came across lately just write to us at contact[at] or tweet @thebetterindia or leave a comment on our facebook page.

1. Believe it or not! In a nondescript village, Punsari, in Gujarat, children study in air-conditioned classrooms. The village also has wi-fi and optical fiber broadband network. Besides, the village panchayat spends Rs 25 lakh annually on insurance cover of Rs 1 lakh and mediclaim policy of Rs.25,000 for each of the 6,000 villagers. What’s more, all this is from self-managed funds!

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2. Tao Porchon-Lynch, a 93-year old lady from Pondicherry becomes the world’s oldest yoga teacher and achieved a place in Guinness World Records list. And what has been her early life beyond a housewife? She has been an actress, model, performed burlesque, and also walked with Mahatma Gandhi twice as a Freedom Fighter.

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3. Who cares for meritorious but economically backward students? There are some organizations like Vision Classes in Bihar. And 3 Cheers to these noble “Class-Visionaries”, as 35 of their 40 students succeeded in the IIT-JEE this year.

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4. Self-help, they say, is the best help. The adage is proved right by a 60-plus couple who has voluntarily taken up responsibility to light up streetlights in their locality, without any expectations and with a certain amount of danger involved, because the people who are paid for this job are not doing it in a timely manner. Perhaps this will shame the authorities into action.

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5. Gyan Labs lives up to its name, as it wins two awards for innovation helping students understand theories easily by providing them ‘practical’ kits to conduct experiments. They have also been selected as finalist alternate for the 2012 Dell Social Innovation Challenge.

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6. The long thirst and journey – – from the USA to a small hamlet in Kerala – – for a religious realization drove Abraham Verghese, a novelist who writes for T Magazine of The New York Times, to visit his ancestral homeland.

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Compiled by Devdutt.

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