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TBI Bulletin – Positive News From All Around (23.05.2012)

Here are today’s happy stories to brighten up your day. To share any positive news that you came across lately just write to us at contact[at] or tweet @thebetterindia or leave a comment on our facebook page.

1. Who said Beggers Have No Choice! 550 baggers in Bangalore’s Beggars’ Colony chose to depend on themselves by growing vegetables, fruits like guava, papaya and pomegranate and also sandalwood, thanks to an initiative by the government and Bangalore Development Authority.

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2. She can fight any man bare-handed because Dr Komal VS is not ‘Komal’ (delicate)! She is one of the few women practitioners of Kali Stick fighting, an ancient form of martial arts for women. She is Director of the Academy of Combat Fitness, Mumbai, a dedicated professional training centre running 60 martial arts courses, the first of its kind in India.

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3. Jotsoma, a remote village in Nagaland will emerge as a novel tourist destination, as a Nature Conservation and Eco-Tourism Project has already been inaugurated last week at the foothill of Mount Puliebadze.

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4. If a victim of vicious circumstances landed in jail but always desired a decent future life – it is possible in Kerala where arrangements for study, right from primary schooling to MBA, is in place.

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5. Manimekalai, at 12, is the head of her family, comprised of three orphan sisters. Her determination ensures that her younger sisters’ schooling is not disturbed and they do not have to go to bed without food!

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Compiled by Devdutt.

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