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In a Parched Karnataka Village, One Farmer Is Sharing Water from His Borewell with Everyone

Abdul Gafarasab Mulla's generosity is helping residents of Yadgir save their farms and their livestock.

Abdul Gafarasab Mulla’s generosity is helping residents of Yadgir save their farms and their livestock.

Its been a tough summer for the people of Yadgir district of Karnataka. With temperatures set to touch the mid-forties this week and most natural water sources drying up, the villagers face the prospect of a sever water shortage.

Unlike most people though, Abdul Gafarasab Mulla can breathe easy. The borewell in his plot has not failed him for several years now, and yields him three inches of water. Given the grave situation, others might have been tempted to hoard the water for themselves. Not Abdul though.

Speaking to The Hindu, Abdul said that he felt blessed that he still had access to water. The owner of 3.25 acres of agricultural land, Abdul has installed a big trough, into which water is pumped from his borewell. This is then open to use by all – including neighbors, other villagers and their livestock: “This summer has been the worst for not only humans, but also animals with all natural sources gone.”

“Water is the rarest commodity and nobody should hoard it,” Abdul explains quite simply.



People from villages as far off as 3 km are making the trek to Abdul’s farm to collect water to save their own farms. Abdul’s neighbor Sharanabasava says that if not for Abdul’s help, his crops would not have survived the tough summer.

Hats off to his generosity!

Featured image for representation only. Source: Flickr

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