Stand-up Comic Aditi Mittal’s Latest Gig Is Breaking The Taboo Around Periods. It’s a Must Watch!

Aditi Mittal's gig on sanitary pads

Aditi Mittal takes on sanitary pad ads, their obsession with white pants, and the insecurities around saying the word 'period'.

“There’s gel, channels, crystals, wings, leak lock systems – ladies, once a month you have science in your chaddi.”

Stand-up comic Aditi Mittal’s rant on sanitary pads puts into words what women have only ever thought.

As part of the Things They Wouldn’t Let Me Say gig, she also talks about the ridiculousness of sanitary napkin ads and their obsession with Jitendra-esque white pants.

Aditi Mittal's gig on sanitary pads
Aditi Mittal. Source: YouTube

Rubbing out the invisible wall around period talk, her latest gig is a mirror to all our insecurities and our inability to speak openly about it. Aditi questions why it is so difficult to ask someone for an extra pad or say the word ‘period’ out loud.

Find out why she doesn’t want sanitary pad commercials to let the world know that women can jump or scale mountains during their periods:

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