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Social Media Story Leads to Air India Honouring an Incredibly Kind Flight Attendant

On Friday, March 4, Anant Rangaswami was flying from Mumbai to Thiruvananthapuram in an Air India flight – AI 667. The fight was slightly delayed, and he was having second thoughts about the kind of service offered by the airline. But inside he witnessed the incredible commitment, patience and kindness of Anita Singh, head of the cabin crew in the flight. Her service helped him restore his faith in humanity, and inspired him to share his experience with everyone through a Facebook post. But that’s not it.

The Facebook post then led to something even more awesome. Anita was recognised by Air India and honoured for her commitment towards her duties as a flight attendant. This is what happened:

The wonderful story of Ms. A. Singh, head of cabin crew on AI 667 from Mumbai to Thiruvananthapuram on Friday, 4…

Posted by Anant Rangaswami on Sunday, March 6, 2016

Looking around after he was seated in an aisle seat, Anant noticed a family of four in the row in front of his. A couple and their children – a girl about five years old, and a boy about 10 years old who had some intellectual disability.

The child would start yelling suddenly during the flight and his parents were trying to comfort him throughout. When lunch was being served, Anita placed the tray before the boy. But as soon as his mother took off the aluminium foil covering his food, he flung the tray aside and rice was spread all over the aisle.

The flight attendant rushed to help the boy, and to ensure that he was alright. Asking her colleague to continue with the service, Anita brought another tray for him and sat down to clean the aisle all by herself. Throughout the journey, she kept coming back to check if the boy needed some assistance. His family was full of gratitude for her dedicated service.

Anant, who was amazed by her actions, approached Anita when the flight landed to acknowledge her efforts. And to that she simply said – “It was nothing. Imagine what the boy is going through.”

And when he posted about it on Facebook, he did so with an amazing message –“Why do I post this? Because Ms. Singh needs to know that she is appreciated. Will someone who knows someone who knows someone in Air India makes sure she gets the message?”

His voice was heard. The post went viral and was widely shared all throughout social media. Some people ensured that it reached the authorities at Air India as well, and their efforts paid off.

Kudos to Anita for doing everything in her power to help the family; and to Anant for ensuring that good work was recognised and appreciated.

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