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Here’s What This Book Shop Owner Did to Save a Tree near His Office

49-year-old Sanjay Raval is a book shop owner in Ahmedabad. One day, he found some people getting ready to cut down a beautiful cassia tree near his office. This is what he did to save it.

49-year-old Sanjay Raval is a book shop owner hailing from Palanpur in Gujarat. After completing his education, Sanjay started a construction business and moved to Ahmedabad.

He was always interested in reading, and his love for books led him to start his own book store in the city – a book store overlooking a beautiful cassia tree.

sanjay raval

Source: Facebook

One day, Sanjay found some people getting ready to cut down the tree. They informed him that the owner of the shop below his book store had complained that the tree was overshadowing his shop, and hampering business.

Without wasting a single second after hearing this, Sanjay immediately made an offer that he would take the shop on lease and pay the owner Rs. 60,000 per month, but the tree should not be touched. After paying an advance for the same, he also signed a contract that was meant to last for three years. According to a report in The Times of India, Sanjay soon got it extended to nine years.

Thank you for this thoughtful gesture Sanjay. You have inspired many.

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