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[VIDEO]: You Will NOT Have a Great Career. Unless…

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In this TED talk from 2012, University of Waterloo economics professor Larry Smith talks about following your passion, getting over your fears, and how each one of us can have a great career. Watch his amazing talk, which has close to 3 million views on YouTube.

Every year, 1.5 million — 15 lakh — Indians become engineers. So many of these engineers, however, go on to pursue careers completely unrelated to their field of study (anecdotally, at least, this is true).

In every child is the potential to do something unique — to express his or her innate gift. If every Indian follows their dream, it could truly make our society and our culture rich beyond measure.

In this incredibly inspirational TED talk, University of Waterloo professor of economics Larry Smith speaks about the importance of capital P Passion, and why all of us need to discover it, to follow it so we can have, not average, not good, but the great career that each one of us truly is destined for (no jokes!)

Part storytelling, part psychology, part career advice, this is one of the best TED talks you will watch:

The video, published in 2012, has been watched almost 3 million times.

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