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[Video] Hiware Bazar: The Miracle Water Village

Hiware Bazar, which we had written about earlier, continues to be a source of many ideas.

First, here are some statistics. India receives abundant rainfall – around 1170mm annually. Yet, there is acute scarcity – largely due to inefficient planning and ineffective water management. Around 450 million people directly live off rain-fed agriculture. Hiware Bazar was one of many villages which received scanty rain (only about 400mm annually!). This led to a drought like situation in this arid region – and also forced many villagers to migrate to other parts of the state.

However, the community got together under the leadership of Popatrao Pawar and implemented a slew of changes that has made this village now self-sufficient in water. Rainwater was collected and water sheds were built. Agriculture boomed, migrant villagers returned to their homes. And now, this village has aptly earned the name ‘The Miracle Water Village’. To know how this happened, watch the above video.

If you are unable to view the video above, click here to watch it.


Hat-tip: Link posted by Mohamed Muneer on our Facebook page.

A water shed at Hiware Bazar
A water shed at Hiware Bazar


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