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This 12 Year Old Wrote His Exams Blindfolded to Create Awareness About an Important Cause

12-year-old R Madheswaran says that he can read even when he is blindfolded. The class 7 student decided to put these skills to better use and appeared blindfolded for his English exam. He did this to spread awareness about a very important cause. 

Sri Ramakrishna Matriculation Higher Secondary School in Coimbatore, witnessed an unusual scenario during the recently held quarterly examinations at school. Among all the students who were writing their papers on Friday, there was one who attracted everyone’s attention.

R Madheswaran, a Class 7 student, sat for the exam blindfolded. And he even managed to finish the paper within the prescribed two hours.



No, Madheswaran did not have an eye injury, nor is he visually impaired. The 12-year-old boy took this unusual step to spread awareness about eye donation. He wanted to feel how visually impaired people experience the world, and at the same time, wanted to spread awareness about the various talents that they possess.

Madheswaran claims to have some unusual skills which enable him to read phone messages, question papers and text books while he is blindfolded. .

The young boy decided to put his unique skills to use when writing his English exam paper. The questions paper was not in Braille, and neither were the alphabets embossed.

So how did this young fellow complete this unusual task? According to a report in the Times of India, Madheswaran says that every word and number has a different smell, and this smell helps him read them in his mind. He also wrote perfectly, right between the lines, using the same technique of smelling the words and the sheet.

His parents claim that Madheswaran acquired these special skills after attending a brain fold activation programme which improved his concentration and enabled him to sense many things without seeing them. Confident of his skills, Madheswaran and his family approached the school authorities to seek permission for this special act and they happily agreed.

Though these skills look unrealistic, we can’t help but praise the young boy who took this step to spread awareness for a cause. After all, it is the thought that counts.

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