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‘I Save 600 Litres of Water Everyday’: Bengaluru Doctor Shares Easy Tricks To Start At Home

As Bengaluru city runs dry, Dr Divya Sharma shares how her family of four managed to save about 600 litres of water per day without impacting their daily lifestyle. Here’s how they achieved this!

‘I Save 600 Litres of Water Everyday’: Bengaluru Doctor Shares Easy Tricks To Start At Home

Featured image (R) courtesy: Dr Divya Sharma

In Bengaluru, where water shortages are becoming a big problem, people are coming up with clever ways to deal with it. Some are taking shorter showers, while others are working from home to save water. Some are even using public toilets more and looking into ways to collect rainwater.

One person making a difference is Dr Divya Sharma, a dermatologist in the city. She recently shared some tips on X about how her family of four is saving a whopping 600 litres of water every day without changing their usual routine.

Based on her household experiences, she shares four simple yet effective steps to conserve water at the household level:

1. Say ‘no’ to overhead showers

Divya advises switching from overhead showers to bucket baths.

As a dermatologist, she recommends taking bucket baths. She explains that using an overhead shower for a long time can dry out your skin quickly and make eczema worse. Shorter baths help prevent water loss through the skin and keep your skin healthy.

2. Use aerators on taps

Sharing another key step, Divya suggests installing aerators on all taps. She points out that this step will reduce water consumption during a 30-minute dishwashing session from 450 to 90 litres.

3. Repurpose RO water

In addition to this, Divya suggests collecting waste water from RO for mopping and gardening to maximise water reuse. This is estimated to save up to 30 litres of water per day.

4. Take small steps, create big impact

Divya advocates for the strategic usage of washing machines — that is only using the washing machine when there is a full load.

Collectively, these initiatives helped her save about 600 litres every single day. She stressed on how small savings can add up to significant numbers without affecting your lifestyle much.

Her easy-to-implement water-saving techniques have captured the public’s attention. Her post has garnered significant engagement with over 90,000 views so far!

Edited by Pranita Bhat

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