75-YO Farmer & 5 Grandkids Turn YouTube Cooking Stars; Earn Rs 7 Lakh per Month

Periyathambi from the Pudukottai district of Tamil Nadu, along with his five grandchildren, have been running one of the most popular YouTube cooking channels in the country. Watch their journey.

One of the most popular cooking YouTube channels in the country, the Village Cooking Channel is known for its unique way of presenting special recipes. Run by 75-year-old Periyathambi and his five grandchildren, the channel has a revenue of around Rs 7 lakh per month.

Hailing from Chinnaveeramangalam, a quaint village in the Pudukottai district of Tamil Nadu, Periyathambi is a farmer by occupation. Being an agricultural family, they solely depended on the 10 acres of land they owned in the village. But due to the dry climate in the region, the land remains fallow for six months a year. This made the family look for other income sources.

Periyathambi’s five grandchildren — Subramani, Murugesan, Ayyanar, Muthumanickam, and Tamilselvan — always dreamt of becoming international chefs. In 2018, their plans to move to the US fell through at the last minute.

As they couldn’t fulfil their dream to fly abroad, Subramani, with his brothers and cousins, started a YouTube channel in 2019. They also roped in their grandfather, Periyathambi — who has been cooking for the past 50 years, into the venture.

They gained wide recognition across the country and even outside.

The channel showcases South Indian recipes and cooking lessons in a traditional village setup. Currently, it is one of the most-watched Indian YouTube channels with over one crore subscribers.

Watch their interesting story here:

Edited by Pranita Bhat