Bengaluru Man Quit Job to Live Sustainably, Built His Mud Home in Just 125 Days

mahesh krishnan a bengaluru resident built an eco friendly mud home

Watch this video to see how Mahesh Krishnan, a resident of Bengaluru, quit his hospitality job to lead a sustainable life and build an eco-friendly mud house with dung, stones, husk, palm leaves, and more.

Having worked in the hospitality sector for about 19 years with giants like Le Meridien and Taj Gateway, one would think that Mahesh Krishnan would like to lead a luxurious life. But the Bengaluru native gave it all up to lead a sustainable lifestyle and construct a mud house on the outskirts of the city, all within 125 days and using just Rs 18,500.

Mahesh attended some workshops and watched several YouTube videos to build a house using natural items like mud, dung, stones, husk, palm leaves, and more.

The 300 square feet house, located in Chamarajanagar, Bengaluru, has been constructed entirely by Mahesh, and is now open to visitors and offers free stays as well.

Bengaluru Man Quit Job to Live Sustainably, Built His Mud Home in Just 125 Days
Mahesh busy in the making of mud house.

In 2015, Mahesh left his job in order to live a peaceful life with his family. He even started natural farming, which he now continues in his newly constructed mud home. He grows organic vegetables needed for daily use here.

“In the year 2019, I was volunteering with the Amrita Bhoomi organisation in Chamarajanagar, when I felt that I should build a mud house. I wanted to know if I would be able to make a traditional clay house alone,” he says.

The house has been constructed using the ‘wattle and daub’ method, a technique where vertical wooden pieces are woven with horizontal twigs, and branches are coated with mud or clay. The foundation has been made using stones, and the roof using mud and clay. The walls are adorned with beautiful artwork, and the interior remains naturally cool even during the summer.

The house is frequented by several visitors who are curious to build similar homes. Mahesh’s dream is to construct a similar house for his family and live there in peace.

Watch how Mahesh built his dream home here:

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