At This Green Juice Bar, You Can Make Your Own Juice While Burning a Few Calories

Watch this video to see how Greenobar, a juice bar in Ahmedabad, is incorporating sustainability at every step, from the uniforms to the decor and everything in between.

When Yash Mehta, Rajan Patel, and Raj Jain came up with the idea of a fresh fruit juice centre in Ahmedabad, they knew they had to make their venture stand out. The trio drew inspiration from a concept in the United States where people could make their own fruit juices while burning a few calories.

To put it like this — at their juice centre Greenobar, the quicker you cycle, the quicker your order is ready. The trio takes sustainability a few steps further. From the containers in which the juice is served to the t-shirts that the staff wears, the decor, and more, every aspect of Greenobar is as green as it might get. They even have an interesting idea for how people can be rewarded for their green efforts.

The zero-waste juice bar has one goal in mind — to promote fitness and a healthy lifestyle among people while urging them to think eco-friendly.

Watch this video to see how Greenobar combines the principles of sustainability with the deliciousness and health benefits of fresh juices:

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