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How a Little Boy’s Appeal Brought a Sea of Customers to His Father’s Roadside Stall

In a viral video, Mohammad Adnan, a little boy from Hyderabad, posted an enthusiastic appeal for people to visit his father’s chicken haleem shop. What happened next is truly heartwarming.

A little boy’s enthusiastic appeal for people to visit his father’s haleem stall has won the hearts of netizens all over India. If you happen to be in Moti Nagar near Borabanda, Hyderabad, don’t miss the Alhamdulillah Chicken Haleem stall run by Mohammad Adnan’s father.

In a bid to see his father’s chicken business boom, Adnan decided to take matters into his own hands and ‘advertise’ the stall in a fun way.

The video, which has now gone viral on social media, witnesses the boy introducing his father and the stall in a very professional reporting style, “Dekhiye yeh humare pappa baithe huye hai. Chicken ki haleem hai (See this is my father at the stall. There is chicken haleem here).”

He then pans the camera around and painstakingly takes the effort to introduce everything that is kept on the cart in front, right from the ingredients, the ‘nimbu’ and ‘ghee’, the boxes that the food is packed in, to the garnishings that are kept ready, not missing out on anything in the process and giving viewers a complete picture.

Adnan decided to use the power of social media to popularise the business that the dad had been working tirelessly to run for the past four years. The boy’s engaging style and heartwarming gesture caught the attention of social activist Azhar Maqsusi, who shared it on his pages lauding the effort. “Isko bolte baap ka Sahara banna (This is what is called becoming father’s pillar of strength),” and went on to write “I salute you chotu master”.

The video garnered much attention, and food bloggers, as well as journalists, were seen frequenting the stall and asking others to do so as well.

Needless to say, the little boy’s attempt at making his father’s business famous, went down very well indeed.