New-York Based Aether Creates World’s First Carbon-Negative Diamonds From Air Pollution

New York-based jewellery company Aether has created the world’s first carbon negative and sustainable diamonds from air pollution.

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New York-based jewellery company Aether has created the first carbon-negative, sustainable diamonds from air pollution — by converting excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into beautiful precious stones.

This is done through a process that removes harmful air pollution and captures the carbon from it. The captured carbon dioxide (CO₂) is then synthesised into a usable hydrocarbon raw material.

The company launched their signature line, which includes diamond rings, earrings, necklaces and diamond bands in 2020.

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Image Source: Aether

In an interview with P R Newswire, Ryan Shearman, CEO of Aether said, “Amid global climate change and all of the other challenges 2020 has brought with it, we believe there is currently a great opportunity for high-minded doers to step in and help shape the future. Now more than ever, forces for true and lasting change are coalescing to transform our world into one where massive positive advancements for humanity and the planet are truly possible.”

He added, “Aether is proud to be a part of that change for good, as the creator of the world’s first gem-quality diamonds from the air. We’re committed to the unprecedented modern alchemy of turning air pollution into precious stones, and committed to serving as a beacon for integrity and transparency in the diamond industry, where so many others have fallen short on that promise to consumers.”

How Is This Done?


Unlike regular lab-made diamonds, which use carbon derived from fossil fuels, thereby adding to pollution and climate change, Aether’s source of carbon — derived from air pollution — may help in combating global warming. After the hydrocarbon raw materials are placed into reactors that have the perfect growing conditions, the diamonds form in just three to four weeks.

Once they have been grown in a lab setting, the diamonds are sent to Aether. The craftsmen here cut, polish, and set the jewellery pieces by hand. Each piece is then certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI), which is the world’s largest independent laboratory for testing and grading gemstones. These diamonds are also vegan-certified.

According to the company, for every one-carat diamond sold, the brand removes 20 tonnes of CO₂ from the atmosphere.

Earlier this month, Aether was also successful in raising $18 million in a funding round led by Helena, a global problem-solving organisation that includes both a for-profit investment and a non-profit action arm.

The first collection put out by Aether consists of diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, diamond studs, bracelets, geometric necklaces, and more. According to the company, all of this is already sold out.

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