Left Home With Rs 500, Slept On Streets; He Now Offers Meals at Rs. 10 To The Needy

Left Home With Rs 500, Slept On Streets; He Now Offers Meals at Rs. 10 To The Needy

Shivam Soni, an engineering dropout, runs ‘Hunger Langar’, a heartfelt endeavour to provide meals to the needy for just Rs 10.

In just 26 years of existence, Madhya Pradesh-born Shivam Soni has already suffered a lifetime’s worth of hardships — a colossal monetary loss, a severe skin condition, attempting to stay afloat during a global pandemic, and battling thoughts of suicide.

In 2018, Shivam, who ran his own restaurant, was diagnosed with psoriasis, a skin disease that causes red and itchy scaly patches. This disease didn’t allow him to continue working, and he was forced to shut his business. Debts mounted up to a whopping Rs 18 lakh.

Leaving behind only a note for his family, he ran away from home to Indore, spending a long period surviving on a half-empty stomach on roads. Here, he realised the actual value of food.

That is how Hunger Langar came into existence. With this venture, Shivam sells meals for just Rs 10, and sometimes provides them for free to those who need it.

“I spent nights without food, and struggled for each meal. I would never wish anyone else to go through this ordeal,” he says.

Watch how Shivam overcame loss and grief to lead a life of compassion:

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