No Age to Be Influencers: Senior Couple Goes Viral With Stereotype-Smashing Videos

Mr and Mrs Verma page was started by Jonita, granddaughter of Yeshpal Verma and Shanta Verma which now has 63k followers.

Defying the notion that becoming an Instagram influencer is a thing for young blood, Mr Yeshpal Verma and Mrs Shanta Verma are slaying it with their trending videos.

“It’s never too old to have fun,” says this Haryana-based couple, who these days are busy managing their Instagram account, which has amassed thousands of loving followers.

During the lockdown of April 2020, Yeshpal Verma’s granddaughter Jonita started an Instagram account for him to share some of his dance moves. It turned out that his wife, Shanta, was also interested in joining in on the fun. So the three found a way to kill boredom with creativity, and thus, the Mr and Mrs Verma page was born.

The couple has grown their presence in the virtual world as influencers, with over 63,000 followers on Instagram. They effortlessly take up reel challenges, style for local brands, and dance like no one is watching. Every now and then, Jonita also joins in cameo roles.

“My grandfather has always been outgoing, but these videos have brought out a new side to my dadi too. I never knew how much she liked clothes and styling,” said Jonita, who is the couples’ greatest support system.

Watch the heartwarming performances of this ‘forever young’ duo here: