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US Returnee Becomes IIM-A’s Favourite ‘Burger Waala’ From His 30-YO Maruti 800

Parthiv Thakkar better known as fakiraa burger wala

Parthiv Thakkar from Ahmedabad is the genius behind Fakeera Burgers, a popular food stall at IIM-A that has become a favourite among students. Watch his inspiring story in this video.

While there are plenty of food stalls in and around IIM-Ahmedabad, Fakiraa Burger is clearly one of the most loved ones in the area, as can be seen by the sheer number of students that crowd the stall.

What makes the eatery even more alluring is the man behind the venture — Parthiv Thakkar, who has refurbished his 30-year-old Maruti 800 to sell delicious American and Mexican food.

Parthiv left his career as a stage performer and returned to India from the US in order to be with his family during a challenging time. His wife was battling breast cancer and slowly, his savings started depleting.

His love for food and experience in working at pubs led to the launch of Fakiraa Burger. He sells a maximum of 100 burgers everyday, in addition to tacos, pizza pockets, tortillas, burritos and sandwiches.

“While I cannot compare this life to the one I was leading in the US, I am happy with what I have managed to make here. I was there for my family,” he says contently.

Watch this ‘fakiraa’s’ story in this video below: