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Consent to Contraception: This 89-YO Aaji Dispels Myths About Sex like a Boss

89-YO Grandmother Dispels Myths About Sex

Avanti Nagral's 89-year-old aaji has become a star on Instagram with her frank and funny takes on everything related to sex - consent, contraception, condoms and pleasure.

Avanti Nagral and her 89-year-old aaji (paternal grandmother) have been cooking up quite a storm on social media with the topic they have chosen to discuss – sex.

In the video that was posted on social media by Avanti, the duo is seen comfortably seated on a sofa from where they discuss consent, contraception, pleasure and babies. These are certainly not topics that one associates with grandparents, and perhaps just for that reason, watching them in conversation is so promising.

“Sex is mostly for pleasure and the outcome is baby,” says aaji in the beginning of the video.

Avanti and aaji

A medical doctor, aaji does not mince her words when she speaks. Sex, she says is a combination of consent and consequence. She also adds that sex can be physical, emotional and sometimes even mental. What will catch your attention is the ease with which the conversation flows between the duo. There is no inhibition or any shame in discussing this topic, which is considered taboo.

While discussing contraceptives, Avanti brings up condoms and asks whether it is true that wearing one reduces the pleasure for men? Aaji laughs and says she cannot say if it does but would like to believe that it does not. “There has to be a balance between pleasure and safety. You cannot only be behind pleasure,” aaji asserts.

If you haven’t seen this delightful granddaughter-grandmother in conversation, watch it here.