A Pizza Delivery Boy Rescued nearly 25 caught in a Mumbai High-Rise Fire

When Jitesh saw people trapped in a fire, he wasted no time and did 7-8 rounds up and down a 22-floor building to take people to safety.

When Jitesh saw people trapped in a fire, he wasted no time and did 7-8 rounds up and down a 22-floor building to take people to safety.

Mumbai’s Lake Home Complex building caught a major fire taking seven lives and injuring 28 people on Saturday, June 6. Just when the remaining trapped people thought that they would face similar consequences, a pizza delivery boy came to their rescue and saved nearly 25 people from the horrifying fire.

Meet Jitesh Ahire, the 21 year old pizza delivery boy, who risked his own life to rescue people trapped in the high-rise fire.

Jitesh, who works at Eagle Boys Pizza located close to the residential complex, had gone to deliver pizza in the building when he saw mayhem there.

Without wasting time, he rushed up the stairs to the 14th floor along with an electrician, a plumber, a security guard and another resident, and then to the 22nd floor, where they had seen people shouting from their balconies.

“I thought the condition was very critical as people shouting were from their balconies. I did’t think much and rushed to the 14ht floor with a fire extinguisher through stairs,” he told NDTV.

He asked the people not to use any electrical equipment and lift to prevent the fire from spreading further.

He, along with others who accompanied him, tried to control the fire through the extinguisher and water pipes but failed due to the high intensity. They then manually brought people down to the ground floor from the top stories. Most of the people rescued had fainted due to the smoke and were taken to the hospital by an ambulance.

He did seven to eight rounds through the stairs, going up to the 22nd floor, and saved nearly 25 people from the tragic incident.

“Our pizza store trains us to handle such situations and we are prepared to fulfill our social responsibilities,” says the brave Jitesh.

Kudos to the young man who didn’t think twice before entering a building on fire and saving many precious lives.

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