How a Foundation is Helping 300,000 People Across 24 States With the Joy of Giving

At a time when countless people have lost their jobs or livelihoods and are struggling to survive the impact of the pandemic, a small gift like this can make the new year very special for many.

This article has been published in partnership with Mukul Madhav Foundation (MMF)

Festivals are indeed a time of joy, togetherness and nostalgia. But beyond the twinkling lights, savoury delicacies, and sweets, every festival is all about giving.

So, with the festive season upon us, as you sit to sort out the list of gifts, take a moment to think of those who have lost a lot this year.

Did you know that for just Rs 1000 you can buy more than just a book, a pretty dress, or a toy? We speak of the most priceless gift of all — hope.

At a time when countless people have lost their jobs or livelihoods and are struggling to survive the impact of the pandemic, a small gift like this can make the new year very special for many. And the story of a group of women from Odisha’s Kondh tribe, in Kandhamal district, is a stellar example of that.

‘Give With Dignity’

This group of 40 tribal women, as part of state-run Mission Shakti, have been leading their villages out of decades of patriarchal oppression towards financial independence.

It took them years of effort, sacrifice and perseverance to break from the shackles and start a kitchen revolution of sorts, by setting up their businesses and empowering farmers across the district. They would directly procure grains and spices like moong dal, ragi, or turmeric, from farmers and handle the packaging and marketing, to ensure a smooth chain of production and supply.

However, the pandemic and the lockdown with its travel restrictions and access to resources threatened to put all of their hard work at stake. The financial independence that they have been fighting for years, was now endangered.

But, help soon arrived — thanks to thousands of contributors, whose donations fueled efforts like the one organised by The Mukul Madhav Foundation (MMF)

The #GiveWithDignity campaign by MMF is a pan-India initiative supporting the Kondh women and many more like them.

How? With your help and support

MMF, under this initiative, is supporting 300,000 individuals across 24 states. To help several households stay afloat, they are distributing weekly ration kits, containing daal, rice, salt, oil, atta, masala, tea, sugar, among other food essentials. And they are doing so by locally sourcing the goods from 120 small businesses and organisations, helping them bounce back as well.

The brainchild of Ritu Prakash Chhabria, MMF is encouraging people to celebrate this festive season a bit differently and embrace the joy of giving. The 22-year-old foundation has been initiating substantial impact in various sectors including healthcare, social welfare and education, driving social change and transforming lives for the better.

So, this festive season, as you lovingly bake a plan for celebration with a generous helping of party cheer, decorations and presents, sprinkle some extra love and join MMF’s crusade to make a difference.

During this time, when lakhs of families have been deeply affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, our collective help and support are truly priceless. With just Rs 1000 you can provide 21 days worth of food ensuring no one sleeps on an empty stomach

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