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11 Amazing Organic Terrace Gardens in Bengaluru

Meet 11 incredible individuals from Bangalore who've cultivated their own organic terrace gardens amidst the concrete jungle & get inspired to create yours too!

11 Amazing Organic Terrace Gardens in Bengaluru

Do you have a bit of open space at home and are wondering what to do with it? Have you always been wanting to practice organic gardening but had no idea how or where to begin? Have you always desired to meet city-dwellers like you who’ve created their little green space amid the concrete jungle around & get inspired by them? You’ve landed at the right place.

We bring to you 11 individuals from Bangalore who’ve cultivated organic terrace gardens right at their homes. They are all part of the Facebook group Organic Terrace Gardening where fellow enthusiasts interact and learn more about practising a greener lifestyle. Let’s get to know them!

Meenakshi Arun

Organic Gardens in Bangalore
Meenakshi Arun, who’s been gardening for 15 years, owns a garden of 1300 sq. ft. She also grows an assortment of vegetables, fruits, herbs, greens and flowers for the home in another 800 sq. ft. Her focus is essentially on safe food & native crops.

Bharathi Ashwath

Organic Gardens Bangalore

Bharati Ashwath has a terrace garden of 300 sq. ft. for vegetables and fruits & a 70sqft balcony garden where she grows flowers and herbs. She’s been into gardening since childhood, however, after marriage, there was a 10 years gap wherein she didn’t grow anything except ornamentals. Now her focus is to have a regular supply of seasonal veggies all year round.

Durgadevi Panneerselvam

Organic Terrace Gardens Bangalore

Durgadevi owns a 900 sq.ft. terrace garden. She’s been gardening for the last 6 years. Apart from the fact that gardening keeps her in good health, it is the blissful experience of nurturing plants & witnessing them bloom that keeps her going.

Lakshmi Meenakshisundaram

Organic Terrace Gardens Bangalore

Lakshmi essentially focuses on growing simple herbs that are either edible or medicinal. She’s been growing rare native vegetables which are not available in the market along with local veggies and greens used in traditional cooking.

Ritu Choudhary

Organic Terrace Gardens Bangalore

Ritu owns an organic garden of 2200 sq. ft. With around 8 years of gardening experience, her focus primarily is on encouraging birds and nurturing environmental biodiversity. She grows exotic fruits which are not easily available organically like Strawberries, Dragon fruits, Cranberry-Phalsas, Cherriesos, Mulberries, Guavas, Figs, Passion fruits, Olives and Seedless Lemons. Additionally, she also grows assorted veggies like Turmeric, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Ginger and Herbs.

Madhav Rao

Organic Gardens Bangalore

Madhav owns a terrace garden of 900 sq ft. and has been gardening for about 4 years. He grows a combination of edible, medicinal & flower plants. For him, gardening is all about achieving harmony with nature & calming the mind.

Srikant Kapuganti

Organic Terrace Gardens Bangalore

Srikant owns about 600 sq ft of the organic terrace garden. He focuses on greens and completely no-fuss plants while staying away from gourds which are prone to constant pest attacks.

Noor Fatima

Organic Terrace Gardens Bangalore

Noor Fatima, who’s been gardening since childhood, owns an organic terrace garden of about 1200 sq. ft. She focuses on herbs and medicinal plants.

Suresh Rao

Organic Terrace Gardens Bangalore

For Suresh Rao, the passion for gardening has been passed down from his forefathers who had landed in Srikakulam District of Andhra Pradesh and did the cultivation of many crops. His garden of around 1000 sq ft is divided into equal parts for growing vegetables and flowers. Once he assessed the needs of his family, he migrated to three broad categories: Regular vegetables like Tomato, Beans, Chilly, Okra, Greens, Radish, Beetroot, Gourds, Season-based like Cabbage, Cauliflower, Capsicum, Peas, Broad beans & exotic varieties from different countries of the world.

Latha H. N

Organic Terrace Gardens Bangalore

Latha H. N.’s terrace is about 800 sq. ft. filled with plants of all kinds – fruits, flowers, vegetables, water plants, cacti and succulents. She has been gardening for most of her life, even as a child. She gets about 40% of the required veggies from her terrace haven, which she started nurturing 10 years back.

Prathima Adiga

Organic Terrace Gardens Bangalore

Prathima Adiga is the admin of the Composters Group Rajajinagar, Bangalore. She has been growing vegetables, fruits, medicinal plants, herbs and flowers in her 900 sq. ft. terrace. Her gardening goal is to eat chemical-free food and maintain a healthy lifestyle. She is about 90% self-sufficient when it comes to fresh produce.  Prathima has been growing 8-9 varieties of turmeric, 5 varieties of ginger in her garden – last season she harvested 23kgs of turmeric and shared with many patients, friends and relatives. She likes to grow what her members like – both native and exotic varieties which are really challenging.

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