This Talented Flute Seller Has Got Desi Twitter Pledging To Help Him

Delhi flute vendor

A video of a Delhi-based flute vendor playing a popular Hindi song went viral on social media but he is struggling to make ends meet since the nationwide lockdown.

Bablu, a resident of Lucknow, moved to Delhi two years ago to sell flutes in various parts of the city and make ends meet. Recently, a video of him playing a Hindi song on the flute went viral on social media. In the same video, he also mentions that he learnt how to play this song only four months ago.

Here’s the video of him playing a Hindi song on the flute shared by a user on Twitter:

Before the lockdown, this 20-year-old used to earn Rs 7000 a month, but now he says that he has earned nothing for the last few months, and most days he has no money to buy food.

“Without any income, my family and I could not pay the Rs 300 rent for the house we were earlier residing in. With the little money we had left, early this month, I sent my parents back to their native village. Now, my younger sister and I stay at my uncle’s home, and he has been providing us with food too.” he mentions.

If you wish to help him make ends meet, you can send him funds to this account number:

Account Number – 59138893535
IFSC Code: ALLA0211480
Account holder’s name: Ali Husain

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