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QUICK BYTES: An empty plot was being used to dump garbage. Then 12 kids took charge of it.

The empty plots surrounding residential areas frequently turn into garbage dump sites, which the authorities usually take no onus of. Such times call for extreme actions.

This is how a team of 10-12 kids from the Atmananda Colony, RT Nagar, North Bengaluru, decided to clear the 4000 sqft plot that sits in the middle of their locality.


Photo for representation purpose only. Source:Flickr

The children took up the task due to the authority’s inaction. They also felt that the intervention of adults was of no use as the adults had spent about Rs. 2 lakhs a couple of years ago to get the exact place cleaned up. The garbage just came back. This time the kids decided to take charge after the place grew into a huge expanse of garbage, started stinking and became a breeding house for mosquitoes. They cleaned the entire plot on May 13th and  then contacted the local BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) Board which sent in trucks to collect all the garbage.

But to their horror, the garbage was back the next day. Locals said that some people arrive by night, dump garbage on the plot and speed away in their vehicles. The children, however, are not taking this lying down. They decided to take turns in two, everyday, to shoo away such miscreants . They have even put up the image of Lord Ganapati to dissuade people from throwing filth. However, it is not working as they would like it to. People still throw garbage, not being mindful of the efforts going in the place to keep it clean and pristine.

At a time when everybody is careless about garbage disposal, the efforts of the children are not only commendable but a wake up call for all to be mindful in their garbage generation and disposal practices. This effort clearly embodies the Swachha Bharat Abhiyan in its true intent.

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