11-year-old Becomes World’s First Visually Impaired News Anchor

This visually impaired 5th grader fulfilled his long cherished dream of becoming a tv news anchor and became first in the world to do so. Here is all you need to know about the young genius.

This visually impaired 5th grader fulfilled his long cherished dream of becoming a TV news anchor and became first in the world to do so. 

T Sriramanujam, an eleven-year old visually impaired child became a Tamil news channel’s anchor on Friday fulfilling his childhood dream. The Lotus channel claims Sriramanujam to be the first such anchor in the world.

Born blind at birth, the young boy read the first news bulletin of his life with help of Braille for 22 minutes live.


As he spoke about the latest news developments including a follow up story on Nepal earthquake, his family watched him with tears of joy.

Sriramanujam has been excelling in academics as well, claiming the top ranks in all his classes. He was selected by Lotus News channel in December 2014 and was then trained for 4 months in news anchoring – including news reading, voice modulation, posture, managing breaking news etc.

While Sriramanujam has never seen a television set,he used to listen to the broadcast programs carefully and longed to become a news anchor some day. When Lotus news offered him this opportunity, he grabbed it with both hands and amazed everyone with his great performance in front of the camera.

Currently selected for a special weekly programme, Sriramanujam will become a permanent daily news reader.

The chairman of Lotus channel, G.K.S. Selvakumar, said they chose a visually impaired reader to create awareness on disability and to also promote eye donation.

“Talent cannot be restricted by disability. No disabled child should be isolated by society. My request to all parents is if you have a disabled child make them an achiever. Disability should not limit the disabled child to achieve what a normal child could otherwise achieve,” said Kalaiarasi, Sriramanujam’s mother.

The young ambitious boy further wants to study and become an IAS officer. With Sriramanujam, the channel has further opened doors for several opportunities for people with disabilities.

Lotus channel had earlier introduced the first transgender news anchor in the country.

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