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Startup’s Subscription Model Lets You Ride an Electric Scooter For Rs 3,600/Month

Startup’s Subscription Model Lets You Ride an Electric Scooter For Rs 3,600/Month

The e-scooter will be sanitised in front of you and you can charge it within three hours at home. Plus you save money on petrol.

On June 8, a majority of the states in India relaxed lockdown norms, allowing offices, business, vendors and all other working professionals to resume work as a means to stabilise the economy. 

However, the government has cautioned people to follow social distancing protocols while commuting to their workplaces. But those who do not have a vehicle, rely on public transportation or cab services which are limited due to restrictions. 

To ease the challenge, Mumbai-based e-BikeGo has come up with a subscription model for scooters. 

The electric bike rental company is offering monthly subscriptions starting from Rs 3,600. It is for individuals and for companies who provide delivery services. 

If you live in Mumbai, Pune, or Bengaluru, all you have to do is go the company’s website and post your query/requirement, complete the verification, and get the e-scooter delivered to your doorstep. 

You can take the subscription for a month or a year. If booked for a long-term contract, the first month comes at no charge. The running cost of an e-scooter is one-fourth that of a conventional scooter.

“The model works like any other OTT platform where the subscription can be cancelled anytime. In case of emergencies, we also provide a refund. The scooter will cover 500 kilometres every month and you can exceed the limit at the per kilometre price. We already have 600 e-scooters on roads through this model,” Irfan Khan, founder and CEO of eBikeGo, tells The Better India. 

What makes this eco-friendly scooter convenient is that you save money on petrol. The scooter can be charged within three hours and you can get reimbursed on your electric usage. 

Approximately 14-15 units of electricity are used to charge the scooter each month. Since the vehicle is registered with the company, the power usage is calculated to arrive at the amount of money (units of power consumed X cost of unit electricity). “For example, if you spend Rs 8 per unit, then we reimburse around Rs 112.”

“All scooters are IoT-enabled and every time a user charges the two-wheeler, we get to know the units charged. Accordingly, we refund that amount at the end of the month. This smart system also helps us immobilise the vehicle in case anyone has not paid the subscription and is still using it,” says Khan. 

What Happens Once You Place An Order

The scooters run on a no-share mobility policy i.e., that once you subscribe, it becomes your personal vehicle. 

After receiving the order, the company will sanitise and disinfect the scooter in their warehouse. A worker will bubble wrap the scooter and place it in a giant box, which will be sent to your house. 

To maintain transparency and reduce health risks, the worker will sanitise the scooter again in front of you, “The customer’s safety is our priority. We disinfect again in case there are any touchpoints while travelling,” Khan adds.

The company also offers 24×7 roadside assistance and fix the vehicle within two hours or replace it in case of a breakdown.

Reviewing how the subscription model has made daily commuting convenient, Kashish Ranjan says, “eBikeGo is an excellent mobility solution when I had to resume office. I had never driven an e-scooter before, but the company explained it within 10 minutes. The home charging feature is what I loved the most.”

Echoing Kashish’s words, Nikhil Gupta from Mumbai, says he finds the e-scooter more convenient than their corporate van service. “Earlier, I was commuting to the office on our corporate van. But due to the lockdown, that service has been discontinued. Our corporate tied up with the eBikeGo and it is a very comfortable and easy-to-use option. This way, we are able to maintain a distance and resume our work.” 

The green venture was started in 2017 to provide eco-friendly scooters for the delivery and commuting needs of service businesses.

Its network spans over eight cities with over a thousand vehicles. The clients range from Zomato, Delhivery, Big Basket, Delhivery, Swiggy, Goodbox etc.

Some of the features of the e-scooter include:

  • The scooter comes with a charger, helmet, and third-party insurance.
  • It can be charged through an external socket without removing the battery.
  • The battery is waterproof and comes with an outer case for portability.
  • It has an anti-skid surface for a better foothold.
  • Equipped with IP67 motor, it can run on curvy roads.
  • A single charge can run the scooter for 90 kilometres.
  • The maximum carrying capacity of the scooter is 225 kilos.
  • Other features include tubeless tyres, front disk brakes, the rear drum brake, central locking with an anti-theft alarm, keyless locking, and mobile charging USB port, etc.  

Khan hopes to expand services to other cities and deploy 15,000 two-wheelers in future.

“We are facing a high demand for e-bikes and scooters, considering their ease of access and the economic slowdown. Instead of purchasing vehicles, people are preferring to rent. Electric vehicles, in specific, have a higher demand as people do not have to spend on petrol. We are in the process of scaling up our subscription model and make it the new normal,” he signs off. 

To know more, get in touch with eBikeGo here.

(Edited by Shruti Singhal)

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