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Sleep Like A Baby: This Eco-Friendly Rice Husk Pillow Can Help You Do That And More!

Sleep Like A Baby: This Eco-Friendly Rice Husk Pillow Can Help You Do That And More!

Don't pay a bomb for 'memory foam' made of synthetics. Rice husk will form around your head and has natural airflow, keeping things cool throughout the night.

Rice husk pillows or buckwheat pillows which have recently gained popularity for their ability to support posture and spinal alignment have been household fixtures in Japan for centuries. Besides, many users online have said that these pillows have helped curbed their snores and migraines. Unlike the foam and polyester pillows available in the market, these rice-husk pillows are durable and can adapt to the shape of your neck and head. But the best part is these pillows are also super eco-friendly.

Here are three reasons why we think you should switch to a rice-husk pillow right now.

1. Great for Babies

Soon after a baby is born, it takes a few months for their heads to fully grow and take shape. During this period, the skull is very soft and if proper care and attention is not given, your baby might have flat spots on their head. Using a rice husk pillow instead of a foam one can make a huge difference and help form a perfectly round shape for your baby’s head. These pillows also allow a natural airflow keeping their heads cool throughout the night.

2. Eco-Friendly

The pillows are filled with rice husks that are completely organic and thoroughly cleaned and treated through multiple processes. They are covered with zipper covers made of durable canvas cotton. Opting for these long-lasting natural pillows cuts down your carbon footprint and reduces the waste that goes into the landfills. And unlike synthetic pillows, these are more durable and won’t require you to buy new pillows every other month.

3. Posture Alignment

Although sleep postures vary from person to person, it is ideal to keep a rice husk pillow that keeps your head raised that in turn supports your airways. The pillow will also provide support to the gap created by the arch of your neck. This will align your posture and if you suffer from sleep apnea or snoring, a better posture will allow your airways to be kept open through the night.

If your neck muscles are unable to relax through the night due to poor support or your head is held too high then you are closing your airways which can lead to snoring. Your airways run along your cervical spine, and by keeping your spine aligned, you also support your airways. Hence, using this rice-husk pillows can align your posture and give you a good night’s sleep.

The traditional foam filler pillows tend to lose their shape after prolonged usage. Although the foam and polyester pillows retain their shape, they fail to accommodate personal needs regarding support to the neck and shoulders. The rice husk pillows stay in shape for a longer period of time and adapt according to each individual’s need.

With a rice-husk filled pillow, you can adjust the position and firmness of the pillow according to your personal preference in order to reduce shoulder and neck pain.

So what are you waiting for? Switch to these awesome pillows and ace your nap game!

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(Edited by Saiqua Sultan)

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