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Students and greener pastures


Our education system, so far, hasn’t quite given the focus on environment and its sustainability. There are passing references, yes, but nothing that stirs a responsibility towards a better and cleaner earth.

However, the Center for Science and Environment (CSE) is hoping to change that perception. Anupam Bhagria writes in this article at the Indian Express about a new ‘Green School Project’:

Students of government schools will now be reviewing their school environment and biodiversity under the ‘Green School Project’. They will be maintaining a proper record and compile a report under the guidance of a school nodal officer, who will forward it to the Centre of Science and Environment (CSE), New Delhi.


On December 18, the top twenty schools securing more than 70 per cent marks will be awarded a “Green Certificate”, schools with 55 to 60 per cent will get a “Yellow Certificate”, schools 50 to 60 per cent will get an “Orange Certificate” and those with 35 to 50 per cent will get a “Red Certificate”.

And what do the teachers have to say to this?

Kusum Lata, Science teacher at the Government Model Senior Secondary School, Punjab Agricultural University, and school nodal officer for this project said, “The aim behind this workshop is to raise awareness among students about the environment and biodiversity. We will involve senior students of class IX and XI as well. Classes X and XII students will be kept out for their Board examinations. Students will be trained to keep a record of the various data and evaluate them accordingly. They can seek the help of teachers if needed.”


Another interesting factor is that the students will also be keeping a tab on how much energy their school consumes. This includes recording of water consumption and LPG consumption in the cafeterias. A great way to instill a sense of giving back to mother nature. And in this case, the students are bound to work for a greener grass on their side.

Read the complete article here.


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