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Insurance – One for the Road

In Karnataka, and especially in Bangalore, roads are exceptionally susceptible to frequent damage and wear-n-tear. With the monsoons coming down, there is less hope about the roads in this city living till winter.

What can residents do to ensure that their roads are maintenance free?

This article in the Hindu talks about the first municipal road to be insured in the country. This road has made it to the Limca book of records for being the first insured road in India. Now, the policy for this road is up for renewal.


The new policy covers damages, which are most likely to happen in the local conditions. What is significant now is that the 385-metre long road would be insured for a higher sum (Rs. 6 lakh) this time and Dr. Sindhur will not be sole person to bear the cost of the insurance policy.

Motivated by the initiative taken by the doctor, residents of Timmasagar Temple Main Road have now come forward to be a part of the endeavour to keep their road “safe.”

Some more excerpts from the article:

The road, which was in a state of neglect for years, was asphalted by the Hubli-Dharwad Municipal Corporation at a cost of Rs. 10.5 lakh. It was then that the idea of getting the road insured struck Dr. Sindhur. After he followed up the matter with the then municipal commissioner P. Manivannan, a “no objection certificate” was issued by the corporation for getting the road insured. Consequently, the road was insured by Dr. Sindhur through The Oriental Insurance Company Ltd.

In fact, Dr. Sindhur has created a blog to create awareness about this road. You can read the blog here:

Credit: Link provided by Deepak G D.

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