How to Adopt a Dog in India: 6 Steps to Follow

How to adopt a dog in India

Are you a hooman looking forward to give a doggo his/her forever home? You might be having sleepless nights researching how to welcome your perfect furry companion. Well, contrary to

Are you a hooman looking forward to give a doggo his/her forever home? You might be having sleepless nights researching how to welcome your perfect furry companion. Well, contrary to popular belief, the process of adopting a dog in India has become way simpler than before.

The Better India got in touch with Sandhya Madappa, the founder of Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (CUPA), Bengaluru, who detailed the basic steps to follow for dog adoption in India.

Step 1: Decide the kind of dog you want

How to adopt a dog in India

Keep in mind your lifestyle, budget, home space and your family before you decide which kind of dog you want to bring home. While families with kids or young couples might opt for a lively dog, seniors can go for aged canines who require less training and can be ideal retirement companions.

A large dog is not suitable for people residing in less spacious apartments. At the same time, they also have to ensure zero inconvenience to the neighbours.

Every dog is different – some are high-maintenance while others can make do with a little love, care and attention.

Research thoroughly. Mentally prepare yourself for the future before adopting a dog.

Step 2: Find out the nearby shelters

Decide whether you can devote time to raise a puppy or if a trained, adult dog suits you better. Locate the nearby dog shelter and visit the place several times keeping in mind who you want in your home.

Here are some shelters you can visit in the following cities:

Bangalore: CARE, CUPA

Mumbai: Animals Matter To Me, World For All

Delhi: Dogspot, Red Paws Rescue

Pune: Bodhisattva, ResQ Charitable Trust

Chennai: Animal Welfare & Protection Trust, Scan Foundation

Kolkata: Debasree Roy Foundation, People For Animals

Hyderabad: Blue Cross of Hyderabad, People For Animals

Ahmedabad: ASHA Foundation, Jivdaya Charitable Trust

Step 3: Bond with the dogs at the shelter

How to adopt a dog in India

Interact with the dogs at the shelter. Ask the shelter keepers about their individual temperament and history. Enquire about their behaviour with humans and other animals.

Ideally, visit the shelter a couple of times and bond with your ‘chosen one’ before adopting her/him. Make an informed decision in the end.

Step 4: Secure the medical records

How to adopt a dog in India

Ensure that your dog is properly vaccinated. Ask the shelter to provide the medical records of the dog, detailing past illnesses or injuries/traumas, if any.

Step 5: Follow the official adoption procedure

How to adopt a dog in India

Most shelters follow a specific adoption procedure involving an adoption form and submission of other certificates. The adoption form might ask questions about taking the dog to the vet, caring at home, vacation plans etc, as well as about the worst-case scenario – if you have to give up the dog some time in the future. You will also be asked to provide your original identity documents and address proof.

Step 6: Take your fur baby home

After requisite background checks and counselling, the shelter will finally hand over the dog to you. However, it might take the dog some time to acclimatise to the home environment. For some, it might be just a few days, while other dogs can take up to a few months. Have patience and continue showering your baby with all the love you can.

“It is not recommended to adopt a dog on a whim. Every dog is different, with their own quirks and idiosyncrasies. Some dogs might have separation anxiety, some dogs might be temperamental, while some can be the most playful. One needs to devote immense patience, time and love for their pet dogs. In case you have to give up a dog, it is always advised to bring back the dog to the shelter rather than abandoning them. Consider all possibilities before adopting a dog.”

Sandhya Madappa, Founder, CUPA Second Chance Adoption Centre

After all, love is all they ask for and return it a thousand-fold!

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