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Craving Traditional Indian Food? 5 Instant Dishes You Can Cook in Minutes!

Craving Traditional Indian Food? 5 Instant Dishes You Can Cook in Minutes!

Rajasthan’s Panchkuta, Karnataka’s Bisi Bele Bath and our very favourite khichdi now take minimal preparation time. Here’s how

From the lip-smacking panchkuta of Rajasthan to Karnataka’s delicious bisi bele bath and finally, the omnipresent and ever-popular khichdi⁠—nothing is quite as soul-satisfying as traditional Indian food.

Are you suddenly craving for one of these dishes, and quietly calculating the time and effort it will take to prepare them?

Worry not. We have packs of ready-to-make traditional Indian foods that will not just be ready in a few minutes but are also nutritious.

Ready-to-cook foods are genuine saviours on super busy days, and we have handpicked the ones that are both healthy and organic! Check out our range of easy-to-make healthy foods by clicking on this link.

1. Panchkuta, Rajasthan

Rajasthan instant traditional food

Also known as Panchmel sabzi, this spicy curry is made from five ingredients⁠—ker, sangri, gunda, kumat and dried red chillies.

In Jodhpur, Panchmel sabzi is served with pooris fresh off the pan. But you don’t have to travel to Rajasthan, to taste this dish⁠. All you need is this ready mix.

Soak it in water overnight and then steam it in a pressure cooker the following day. Stir fry the mix, add the seasoning, and you’re done!

Click here to get the pack at just Rs 349 and enjoy the taste of Rajasthan!

2. Bisi Bele Bath, Karnataka

This iconic dish has more than a few origin stories. According to one, it was invented in the Mysore Palace, 300 years ago. On the other hand, KT Achaya, the renowned food history writer, traces its origins to the 10th century AD. In his book, “A Historical Dictionary of Indian food,” he writes that the modern-day bisi bele bath was inspired by the ancient dish, kattogara.

The debates rage on, but the fact is that Bisi Bele Bath is a much-loved dish in Karnataka, and now, you can enjoy it, wherever you are!

Just add warm water, mix well, sit back and enjoy! Follow this link to get a pack of the ready mix.

3. Paniyaram, Tamil Nadu

Paniyaram, Paddu, Gunta Ponganalu, Appadadde⁠—you can call these crispy ball-shaped dumplings by any name you wish.

A popular breakfast and snack option in all of South India, these mouthwatering fluffy bites from heaven are served with lip-smacking coconut or tomato chutney.

Thanks to Grami Super Foods, you will need 30 minutes to make these at home. As a bonus, the mix has been made from a blend of naturally grown millets!

Click here to get a pack of the super nutritious paddu mix now!

4. Pulao, from everywhere!

Rajasthan instant traditional food

And we mean not just everywhere in India but also Central Asia, Latin America and Europe.

One of the oldest dishes that seem to have existed through large parts of the world, pulao has varied forms but is uniformly delicious and quite popular till today.

And thanks to this ready-to-make pack, you can prepare your pulao as simple or elaborate as you like it to be! Follow this link to get your buckwheat ready meal now!

5. Khichdi, from Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra and many other states!

Rajasthan instant traditional food

Whether you miss home, are unwell or just tired after a long day, no food can provide more comfort than a bowlful of steaming hot khichdi.

This spicy rice dish finds mention in many kings from foreign lands who travelled to India, and if you are aware of Birbal’s khichdi story, get this⁠—Akbar’s biographer Abu’l-Fazl documented seven recipes for it, and it was mighty popular with his successor, Jahangir, as well.

Khichdi is here to stay, and if you want an instant fix for your khichdi pangs, take a pack of this instant khichdi mix, add water and tastemaker, stir and enjoy! Click here to get a box of khichdi now!

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(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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