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Plastic-Free but Good for Hair? I Used a Shampoo Bar & Here’s What I Found

Plastic-Free but Good for Hair? I Used a Shampoo Bar & Here’s What I Found

It looks like a soap bar, but does it act like one? Here's why this plastic-free choice worked so well for me.

Using a shampoo bar was an experiment that I was mildly sceptical about. If it worked, I could welcome one more plastic-free alternative into my life.

But my hair does not respond to new products very well, and that made me nervous.

Throwing caution to the wind, last Sunday, my colleagues —Vinayak Hegde Angarika Gogoi⁠—and I, decided to take the challenge, and we feel that we are better equipped to answer some of the frequently asked questions about the plastic-reducing shampoo bars.

Is a shampoo bar better for your hair?

One needs to be careful about their choice of bars. They are unlike chemical shampoos that lather irrespective of whether you apply them to dry or oily hair.

Choose carefully and select a bar that best suits the texture of your hair. While my chest-length hair is greasy, Vinayak has short dry hair and Angarika has dry hair which falls over her shoulders. All three of us gave different shampoo bars a try, and we came to the verdict that they are AMAZING.

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How do you use a shampoo bar?

There are two ways to use it. Wet your hair and hands. Rub the natural shampoo bar on your palms to make a thick lather. Apply this lather on your scalps and comb your hair from roots to tips with your fingers. When you are confident that the shampoo has reached every inch of your scalp, continue with your usual hair washing regime.

Angarika tried a different route though.

“My hair becomes extremely dry, and most shampoos are prone to damage it. So I have to resort to non-paraben shampoos, most of which are extremely costly. They don’t even lather. But I am sold for shampoo bars. I just cut the bar into tiny pieces and put them into hot water in a glass jar. Shake the bottle a bit, and you have your all-natural, plastic-free liquid shampoo!” she quips.

This liquid can be made once and stored in a glass bottle until it finishes. If you see the water separating from the rest, give it a quick shake, and it’ll be ready for use.

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Do shampoo bars make your hair greasy?

As always, I massaged my scalp with a generous amount of oil before the hair wash, and to its credit, the bar did take out most of the oil. But not all. So, while they don’t make your hair greasy, they are unable to remove all the oil.

It is advisable to use only a slight amount of oil on your hair before you wash it. On the other hand, it does not take away the natural oils from your hair, like the paraben shampoos.

If your hair becomes naturally greasy, the bars will leave your hair and scalp squeaky clean. Both Vinayak and Angarika vouch for that.

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Are the bars better than liquid shampoo?

“It works as well as a shampoo, so it’s as good as a shampoo,” says Vinayak, and he is ready to make the switch to bars. Angarika too says that she is done with the expensive shampoo bottles after this experiment.

The reviews are out. A shampoo bar is not just eco-friendly but works just as well as any liquid hair wash. Plus, you score brownie points for reducing your plastic footprint!

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(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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