Cyclone Titli: Odisha IAS Officers Work Tirelessly, Rescue 1000+ People from Danger!

Cyclone Titli: Odisha IAS Officers Work Tirelessly, Rescue 1000+ People from Danger!

Cyclone Titli, which hit the states of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh last week, has caused a lot of damage in both states.
In Odisha, at least 12 people were reported dead due to a landslide that the cyclone triggered.

Additionally, the torrential rains and flooding caused due to the cyclone have put thousands of people who live in low-lying areas in direct danger of getting affected by the natural disaster—whether as a shortage of resources, as physical damage to their property or themselves.

Poonam Guha, an IAS officer in Odisha, has shouldered the responsibility of providing safe shelters to such victims in the Rayagada district.

Guha is the District Collector (DM) of Rayagada which was severely affected by the cyclone.

Hundreds of trees were uprooted, and the district also experienced a complete power outage.

Source: Soumyajit Pattnaik/ Twitter.

DM Guha and Amit Rituraj, the sub-collector of Gunupur division, sprung to action and after surveying the damage, they led the district administration into evacuating over 1000 people living in the low-lying areas in Gunupur and relocating them in rehabilitation centres.

Speaking to the New Indian Express, Guha said that about 200 pregnant ladies were shifted to Maa Gruha and other hospitals for safety. Some infants have also been housed in Nutritional Rehabilitation Centres in Gunupur and Rayagada.


The IAS officers are ensuring that all the people taking shelter in the rescue shelter are provided with enough food and other provisional care.

Source: Soumyajit Pattnaik/ Twitter.

Free kitchens in Gunupur are taking care of the nutritional need of the victims. Guha added that a flood-like situation has arisen due to torrential rains in the upper catchment areas of Bansadhara and Nagavali rivers in Odisha. Rayagada and Gunupur too, are at risk of getting flooded.

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Guha and Rituraj are ensuring that the citizens stay safe while the situation outdoors calms down.

Meanwhile, Rahul PR, the Superintendent of Police, is leading a team to clear out all the uprooted trees in Rayagada. The state and National highways have been badly affected due to the havoc caused by Cyclone Titli. Fire personnel, along with the NHAI, are working with the SP to clear out the roads, so that life in these districts returns to normalcy soon.

(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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