Reader Speaks: Beyond September 5, Here’s How Teachers Can Make Every Day ‘Happy’

Teachers should work towards providing an environment that is conducive to interactions instead of simply trying to complete the coursework allotted to them.

There is a deluge of online news portals these days, and they are constantly craving for the attention of readers the moment you step online. They have completely transformed the daily ritual of newspaper reading over a cup of tea and paved the way for faster delivery of information.

Insightful articles on varied topics published by The Better India prove that there is always a BETTER version of everything and anything around us. I am sure that there are a multitude of parents who share my sentiments and wish for a better version of school teachers instead of the prevailing ones in almost every Indian school.

Teachers are not merely professionals; they are great transformative agents. They are artists whose blank canvases are the young, curious and beautiful minds of their students.


They have the power to mould the course of any society. Everyone in the teaching profession needs to understand this potential of a teacher and the lasting impact they can make in an individual’s life.

My younger daughter, who has recently been admitted to class 1 from a pre-school, shares the observations of her little self, the moment she reaches home. She usually talks about her teachers who only keep telling the class to be quiet.

Ironically, my elder daughter who is in class 8 shares the same sentiment. She is an inquisitive child who loves to ask questions, and I have always encouraged my daughters to be expressive about their thoughts.

The six-year-old comes home every day with a bagful of questions that she wanted to ask but could not because every teacher was focussed on keeping the class silent rather than encouraging the young learners to seek answers.

Sadly, schools associate silence with discipline. We are gradually creating a society that accepts silence as a symbol of civilisation. Teachers should work towards providing an environment that is conducive to interactions instead of simply trying to complete the coursework allotted to them.

They must be better prepared not just intellectually, but also emotionally and psychologically. This will equip them in handling young minds that are brimming with energy and ideas rather than feeling offended by their questions.

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This reminds me of a poem I had composed for my worthy teachers when I was the same age as my elder child. I had titled it, “The Gardeners of Our Mind”.

I’m sure every child of that age even today must be looking up to their teachers with the same expectation as we did more than two decades ago.

The expectation of a happy teachers day every day rather than just 5th September is not a great expectation by any measure.


Teaching has been considered as the noblest of all professions since time immemorial, and it is not without reason. Everyone who is in this profession either by choice or by chance must pause for a moment, introspect and give this a thought.

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(Written by Dr Nazia Khan and Edited by Shruti Singhal)

About The Author: Dr Nazia Khan is a teacher at heart, who has been working in the higher education sector as an educator as well as an administrator. She has a passionate dream to set up a school that focuses on increasing the happiness quotient of its students.

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