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In Dramatic Rescue, Mother & Grandma Fight Back Leopard to Save 3-YO Boy!

Maharashtra’s Nashik witnessed a miracle of sorts when the bravery of two women gave a 3-year-old a new lease of life.

When you see your loved one hanging between life and death, you make a split-second decision to stand and fight.

That is exactly what happened this week in Maharashtra. India Today reports that a 3-year-old child was saved from being mauled to death by a leopard, thanks to his mother and grandmother.

The boy, from the Pimpalgaon Ketaki village of the Dindori Taluka in Maharashtra, was playing in a field when a leopard appeared out of nowhere and picked him up by her jaws.

His mother and grandmother heard his piercing screams and rushed to the spot. Seeing the situation, they decided that they would not leave their child to die, and would fight the animal.

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The police, according to a PTI report, claims that the incident occurred on Thursday evening.

Apart from the two men, some villagers also rushed to the spot, and in the ensuing ruckus, the leopard escaped.

Leopards are powerful and stealthy predators, and once they strike, there is no turning back. The child was rushed to the Nashik Civic Hospital for treatment and is currently stable.

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This is not the first time a leopard has attacked without warning. However, with human-animal conflicts on the rise, a pertinent question must be asked—who is really intruding whose space?

(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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