Rajasthan College Girls Chase down Man Who Snatched Mobile, Rewarded by Cops!

Recognising the bravery of the two girls, the Superintendent of Police (SP) in Alwar, Rahul Prakash, rewarded them with Rs 1000 each.

Roadside thugs usually depend on the element of shock in their heists. Be it snatching jewellery from passersby, stealing something from a purse or misbehaving with someone in a dark alley—they know that when their victim is shocked, the reaction time will be slower and they can get away with their crime.

However, one such thug miscalculated the presence of mind and bravery of two women riding a scooter in Alwar, Rajasthan, and bore the brunt of their actions.

After their coaching class had ended, Poonam Sahran and Jyoti Chauhan, both college students, were returning home on their scooter.

Suddenly a biker came from behind, closed in on the two women and snatched away the phone that Jyoti, sitting pillion, was holding.

Source: Wikiname.

Even in this shocking incident, the girls did not lose their calm and instead started following the thief, who was later identified as Iqbal. Bala Ram, the Station House Officer (SHO) of Kotwali police station told Hindustan Times, “The girls did not panic and started chasing the bike rider. Pillion rider Jyoti kept on shouting, urging people to catch hold of the snatcher.”

After having chased the thief for over 2 km, the girls finally cornered him at a dead end near a girls college. The residents of the housing society there came to help the girls and called the police. Meanwhile, the girls had already caught hold of the man.

Recognising the bravery of the two girls, the Superintendent of Police (SP) in Alwar, Rahul Prakash, rewarded them with Rs 1000 each.

The girls were felicitated by cops in Rajasthan. Source.

In fact, the SP has started an initiative to felicitate civilians who show courage in catching offenders and handing them over to the police.

Earlier this month, Gyan Chand Jain, a senior citizen bravely brought down a thief who was trying to run away with his money. Jain had just withdrawn Rs 15000 from an ATM in Alwar when a man approached him and offered help in counting the notes. While he was counting, he tried replacing the real notes with counterfeit ones. Jain immediately protested. The thug, in an attempt to avoid any argument, started running away with the entire bundle of cash. However, Jain started shouting, alerting those around him to help him. Two rickshaw pullers, Gurmeet Singh and Laxman Singh, who happened to be on the street lost no time in running behind the thief and eventually catch him.

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They both received a cash reward of Rs 2000 each from SP Prakash. Speaking about this initiative to felicitate civilians who catch offenders, he told HT, “Such initiatives encourage people to come forward to help out their fellow citizens and thus increases people’s participation in policing.”

Looking at such incidents, it is evident that the initiative has been a success. Not only does it encourage people to help others, but also solidifies the trust between civilians and the police.

(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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