Health Cover Upto ₹ 6 Lakh? 10 Things About Kerala’s New Health Insurance Scheme

In cases where the expense exceeds the limit of the proposed health cover, the plan entails an investment of additional ₹3 lakh by the government.

During the state budget presentation for the financial year 2018-19, Thomas Isaac, the Minister of Finance of Kerala, announced that the state is all set to offer comprehensive health insurance to its citizens.

The Kerala government had already initiated various healthcare initiatives such as new oncology departments in all medical colleges, trauma centres in all Taluk hospitals, and an ambulance service based on the Uber cab-service model, earlier this year.

Besides these measures, an allocation of ₹17 crore was planned for programmes around mental health care.

However, the health cover scheme, proposed by the state finance department, is expected to bring a great respite to common people, especially those serving as government employees, along with pensioners. It is reported that an amount of ₹25 crore has been demarcated for the plan.

Here’s everything you need to know about Kerala’s new healthcare scheme formulated for its citizens:

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1. According to the plan by the state finance department, a health cover provision of up to ₹6 lakh for government employees and pensioners has been planned.

2. Applicable for a period of three years, the health insurance benefits will include family members of the recipients as well.

3. If the proposal by finance department gets the nod from the government, acute ailments such as organ transplants are eligible for almost double cover, i.e., employees will get ₹12 lakh for treatment.

4. In cases where the expense exceeds the limit of the proposed health cover, the plan entails an investment of additional ₹3 lakh by the government.

5. Following the consideration of an appeal from workers’ associations, the recipients of the insurance plan include government employees, teachers and pensioners, along with those working in universities and local self-government bodies.

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6. It is believed that an estimated 11 lakh citizens will be benefitted by this insurance plan, as per the new health cover drawn by the state government.

7. As a premium, the plan has identified an amount of ₹300 per month, and for pensioners, this amount will be directly given to them in terms of the insurance premium.

8. A significant advantage of the health cover is that the children of the employees can avail the scheme till they are 25 or get married, whichever happens first.

9. For the differently abled, the age limit criteria will be waived by the government. The scheme can only be availed for treatment in government and private hospitals, where the minimum bed limit has to be 50, with a staff of three doctors.

10. With this scheme, the government is expected to save ₹270 crore that is spent every year from the ₹350 crore collected as the insurance premium from citizens.

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