1. Moms Magic Pickle India, Madhya Pradesh

“The day I got my first order was one of the happiest days of my life. I felt very good that I did something,” shares Saroj Prajapati (43).

2. Ammamma’s, Hyderabad

“The road to here has not been easy. You need commitment and continuous effort to build a business and achieve your dreams,” shares Prathima Viswanath (46).

3. Nidhi’s Grandmaa Secret, Gurugram

“I realised that we all have the spirit to work hard and build a business. You will definitely find your hidden spark,” shares Rajni Dua, who runs the business with her daughter-in-law Nidhi.

4. Koparo Clean, New Delhi

“Discovering many chemical names in everyday products was triggering for me, as they posed harm to my daughter,” shares Simran Khara (42).

5. DabbaDrop, London

“We use everything that is reusable. We are constantly trying to improve our packaging. We want to leave a better planet for our kids,” shares Anshu Ahuja, who runs this sustainable venture with Renee Williams.

6. Travel with Kids (India)

“Don’t let motherhood become a barrier in pursuing your dreams. Believe in yourself, and sometimes, make yourself a priority,” says Dr Saakshi Gulati, who runs the venture along with Dr Nikita Mathur.

7. Geekmonkey, Dehradun

Nisha Gupta and Guddi Thapliyal, whose children are married to each other, started this online gifting business in their 50s. The platform features gift options in over 40 categories.

8. My Little Moppet, Madurai

“If you put your mind to doing something, you can achieve your goal. The idea is not to run behind money but run behind your passion,” asserts Dr Hemapriya Natesan.

9. Tanvi Naturals, Guntur

“Women should come forward with their ideas. There sure will be hurdles, but we can jump them all with grace,” says Sekuru Asha.

10. Mind Your Tongue, Mumbai

“I decided if food was the reason for Keya (my daughter) being on the hospital bed that day, I would turn it into the reason for our survival,” shares Monisha Hatkar.