Kerala’s Cyber Commander Enters Google’s ‘Hall of Fame’ for His Efforts

For this security analyst, his work with the police is more than just a job. He thinks of it as a way for him to contribute towards a good cause.

When Sreenath Sasikumar, a techie from Kerala, discovered a bug in one of Google’s major products during his job as a security analyst, he decided to report it. The bug, which had gone unnoticed until that time, turned out to be a P0 level threat, which signifies a severely critical vulnerability.

For his discovery, he was inducted into Google’s Hall of Fame, a recognition that only one thousand people have in the entire world.

Source: Facebook

After graduating with a degree in electronics, Sreenath entered the realm of security analysis, testing the security of several websites and identifying vulnerabilities. He frequently conducts webinars and is the technical reviewer of three books on security risks in the cyber world, according to a report by The Times of India.

With the internet playing a central role in the lives of many today, the onset of cybercrime has also become rampant. Even with an antivirus, it is possible for hackers to access personal information because they are constantly developing ways to best the system, a fact that the police of India know all too well.

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Sreenath’s ability and experience has been recognised by the Kerala Police, and he now works with them as Deputy Commander of the Kerala Police Cyberdome, a research and development wing of the department, dedicated to cybersecurity.

He and his team monitor and review potential threats to government agencies, to protect confidential information, and train members of government organisations on how to overcome or fight cyber threats.

For this security analyst, his work with the police is more than just a job. He thinks of it as a way for him to contribute towards a good cause. In this era of rising cyber crime, Sreenath’s work can go a long way in protecting agencies and educating the masses.

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