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For 19 Years, This 38-Year-Old Has Cared for Mysuru’s Dead When No One Else Did

After purchasing his new car 19 years ago, Ayub was returning to Mysuru when he saw a body lying on the road for 10 hours.

About 19 years ago, Ayub Ahmed, a resident of Mysuru, was on his way to Gundlupet to purchase a new car in a KSRTC bus.

While on his way, he saw that a crowd had gathered near Bandipalya, where a dead body was lying on the road. The bus driver who had stopped the bus briefly continued in his direction.

After purchasing his car, Ayub was returning to Mysuru some 10 hours later, when he saw that the body was right where it was earlier. No one had bothered to move it. The cop standing next to the corpse said he was unable to find someone who could transport the body to the morgue.

This was when Ayub decided to drop the corpse off to the morgue in his new car. Realising the apprehension people had in moving unidentified bodies like this one, Ayub decided he would do it instead, reports The Hindu.

Since that incident, over the last 19 years, Ayub has helped the cops transport innumerable corpses in Mysuru, which has earned him the respect as well as the nickname ‘Body Miyan’.

And not just transport, Ayub also makes sure the bodies get a proper burial after they’ve been declared unidentified and unclaimed by the police.

Picture for representation only. Source: Pixabay

As soon as a body is found, the cops contact Ayub, who then reaches the spot and offers his help. He has even helped the police recover bodies from the water and similar such difficult situations. For all his effort, he gets a mere ₹50 to ₹150 to transport a body.

If the body is identified, Ayub also offers to transport it to his/her hometown, in case their family can’t afford to get them.

“When bodies are taken to the burial ground near Jodi Thenginamara road near Highway Circle for the last rites, a Hindu priest assists me. If the body is a Muslim, it goes to a graveyard near Mandi Mohalla. The bodies of Christians are taken to the cemetery in Ramanahalli,” he told The Hindu.

The cops are now trying to replace his old car and have promised Ayub a suitable car for transporting corpses.

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