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Daydreaming and Music: Talking Inspiration With an Artist From Saptan Stories

"Art brings experiences. I think if more people can have access to it, they can experience much more of what reality can offer"

As a graphic artist and illustrator, on most days one would find Saloni Sinha ‘day dreaming’ about her next big artwork. And for this young and upcoming Bangalore-based artist, dreams can quickly become her inspiration. As one of the seven artists of the mass online storytelling event called Saptan Stories with seven graphic artists from the UK and India, Sinha has got the opportunity to work on her first ever online art project.

In this interview, she tells us about the importance of arts in creating new experiences:

Q: You’ve mentioned before about the importance of daydreaming for your work. What are your thoughts on the effects of modern diversions such as social media on creativity?

Yep, day-dreaming is a kick-starter for my illustrations. I think that the role of social media in creativity is more about sharing and getting more viewers and getting exposed to other people’s work which can keep you inspired. It’s wonderful to see so many artists have a different take on art. I’m glad social media has made art so accessible.

Q: What is the perception of UK culture and art in India?

UK art culture has always inspired me, especially some street art by Banksy, also upcoming artist pop culture work by Malika Favre and the likes. While for India on a larger perspective, UK culture and art originates from experiencing the Indo-gothic architecture in India itself.

Q: How important is it to you to introduce art to people who might not normally see it or have access to it?

Art brings experiences. I think if more people can have access to it, they can experience much more of what reality can offer. If art is introduced at an early age, people can discover themselves better and sooner.

Q: How do you see storytelling as part of your art?

Art has been the perfect medium for my storytelling. I am able to portray the visions inside my mind or experiences I wish to manifest on paper and hence make it a fuller experience by adding colours digitally.

Q: What excites you most about being part of Saptan Stories?

It will be one of my first online story telling projects. The idea of the UK and India collaboration also immensely excites me. I am quite keen to see how it will turn out and experience the journey alongside wonderful artists from India and UK.

Q: You’ve done a number of amazing record sleeves for Indian and international bands. How is music important to your work?

Music has been my childhood love. Whenever I listen to music, my mind starts to visualise a music video and ideas starts to pour. As a kid I made art for a lot of CDs and mix-tapes I recorded, I guess that’s where it subconsciously started and then later, luckily I got many opportunities working for bands and doing gig posters.  Most of the projects, if not an album cover, are always done with some music I’m listening to. It’s a major source of inspiration for me.

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