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This Maharashtra IAS Officer Wants People to Stop Using ‘Feudal Titles’ to Address Him


Known as a strict bureaucrat, Sunil Kendrekar was instrumental in cracking down alleged irregularities in drought relief and fund utilisation.

Breaking the age-old tradition of using feudal titles in correspondence, an IAS officer in Maharashtra instructed his subordinates to stop the practice.

State Agriculture Commissioner, IAS Sunil Kendrekar appealed to his colleagues and the press to stop adding honorifics before his name.

Photo Source: Facebook

In a communication to his department, he wrote:

“It has come to my notice that in correspondence, files, or in mobile phone messages, I am being referred to as Respected, Honourable, Sir….This is not right….Henceforth, please desist from using any such feudal titles and instead address me either by my name or by my designation.”

Speaking to PTI, Sunil mentioned how he had insisted on dropping honorifics before his name in his earlier postings too.

“In my earlier postings, I used to tell my subordinates orally to stop using feudal titles. However, considering the number of people in the Agriculture Commissionerate, I decided to issue a circular,” he said.

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Who is Sunil Kendrekar?

– Sunil Kendrekar is an IAS officer of the 2002 batch, who took over as Beed district collector in June 2012.
– Known as a strict bureaucrat, he was instrumental in cracking down alleged irregularities in drought relief and fund utilisation.
– He also took action against illegal constructions, water tanker mafia and sand mafia during his 17-month tenure here.
– His transfer from Beed in 2013, sparked massive protests by local activists and political parties, who called for rescinding the transfer order, and even called for a bandh.

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