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TBI Blogs: Daddy’s Day Out – These 10 Gestures Can Show Your Dad How Much He Means to You This Father’s Day

Dads hold a special place in our hearts as well as in our family. On this Father’s Day, do something memorable and special for your Dad.

TBI Blogs: Daddy’s Day Out – These 10 Gestures Can Show Your Dad How Much He Means to You This Father’s Day

Dads hold a special place in our hearts as well as in our family. They work all around the year to provide us with all the comforts we joyfully enjoy. They pamper us to the core, and at the same time, firmly caution us from taking the wrong path. On this Father’s Day, do something memorable and special for your Dad.

1. His Favourite Breakfast

Father's day breakfast

Plan for a sumptuous breakfast for your dad a day or two in advance. It should include all his favourite dishes. Start the celebrations from the very morning itself. Wake him up just the way he wakes you up every morning – with affection. Lead him to the breakfast table, and serve him his favourite coffee and a delicious breakfast prepared by you, with his newspaper placed next to the breakfast tray.

2. Plan Out His “Me” Time

Your dad has always dedicated himself to his work, leaving him with no time for himself. Plan a day dedicated to only him. This could include an appointment at a spa to relieve him of his long-standing tiredness, or an appointment at a saloon for a rejuvenation spree.

3. Fix a Movie Date

Let him have a day to his own. Surprise him with movie tickets to any upcoming/ongoing movie in the theatre. If your dad is a movie buff – just like mine – he will surely love this idea. Maybe you could even download his favourite movie on your laptop and let him watch it comfortably.

4. Talk To Him

Create a deep and special bond between you and your father this Father’s Day. Talk to him about life, your future plans, and share the hidden thoughts with him you always wanted to. After all, today is your day as well (he’s a Dad because of you), so get close to him more than ever. Find out about his life, if you have been a bit too busy for him of late. Remember, your dad is always concerned about what goes on in your life.

5. Rooftop Barbecue Lunch/Dinner

Terrace Garden Designers in Delhi

If you have the luxury of a terrace garden or a lawn, then a garden barbecue is the best way to surprise your dad for a sumptuous lunch or dinner. Arrange for his favourite drink and his favourite food at your terrace bar. Get on to the other side of the bar/grill and be a great host to your dad. Let him relax as you serve him exotic food.

6. Memory Book

Collect all his photos, starting from his childhood, till now. Design a collage or a memory book out of these photos, and surprise him with a gift that will bring back all the old memories he has always cherished in some corner of his heart.

7. A Gratitude Letter

Have you ever told your dad how much he means to you? Now is the time to do that. Write him a beautifully penned letter expressing your gratitude towards the love and dedication he has always shown towards you. Each kid in the family should write his/her own letter. If you have little ones who don’t write yet, ask them simple questions, such as, “What is your favorite thing to do with Dad?” and record their answers.

8. Shopping Spree

Take your dad for a day out, and indulge in a shopping spree. However, bear in mind it’s his day, so shop for him, and let him have this day to himself. You can go shopping for yourself once the clock strikes midnight and tomorrow arrives.

9. Bond Over TV

If your father loves catching up with television whenever he has the time, hop on the couch and laugh out loud along with him. Binge-watch some of the most hilarious dad-friendly shows on television, and spend the kind of time he probably always wanted to spend with you!

10. Special Gift

Gift him something special. If you are old enough to buy from your own earned money, then surprise your dad by buying something he has always wanted to buy, or something that has been on his list for a long time. If you are still a young kid, then go on a shopping spree with your mom, and choose a gift for your dad. I am sure he will definitely love it.

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