Journey so far

An eclectic jury panel, comprising industry experts, academicians, grass-roots innovators, change-makers, incubators, business leaders and investors have helped us shortlist the Top 200 entries. We've worked with different design experts, technology & data scientists to put together a robust evaluation framework that ensures complete transparency & helps us in moving the best teams forward. See the shortlisted entries here.

Round 2 submissions are now open

Shortlisted participants are instructed to further refine their innovations and
submit their final entries on or before 30th April, 2019.

Jury Panel

Latest Updates

Meet The Illustrious Jury Members Who Will Pick 50 of India’s Best Young Innovators!

The evaluations parameters that our jury members have used include the scale of problem statement identified, the uniqueness of solutions, user validation, quality of prototype, future prospects identified, and overall presentation.

1400 Innovations & More: A Challenge to Help Kids Solve India’s Biggest Problems!

We aim to identify such innovations by young talented Indians who are solving pressing community challenges and take them forward.

No ‘Half-Baked Solutions’: An Expert’s Advice to Ensure Your Innovations Matter!

With the focus areas drawn up sharply in the ATL Tinkering Innovation Marathon, one can hope that we are creating thought leaders and tinkerers who will go to any extent to uncover and discover the ethical dilemmas they would like to solve in the sector of their liking.

Expert Speaks: India’s Battery Innovations Could Make Green Energy Affordable for All

Through the fulfilment of these initiatives, it is anticipated that India would not only become self-reliant in the energy storage sector but also could become a world leader in the technology.

Quenching Thirst: 5 Brilliant Innovations Helping Indian Cities Save Water

From revamping ancient conservation practices to recycling waste water for drinking, these innovations can help ensure that the future generations are not devoid of the elixir of life. #SaveWater #Innovation