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Sapling Emergency? Green Ambulances in Vadodara Provide Immediate Assistance to Save Plants!

Sapling Emergency? Green Ambulances in Vadodara Provide Immediate Assistance to Save Plants!

Citizens of Vadodara can now actually call an ambulance if they are worried that the city’s saplings need expert assistance.

No, this isn’t a joke!

An NGO called Pagdand is keen on ensuring that all saplings that are planted during various green drives in the city remain healthy and alive. And for that it has launched two electric vehicles called “Green Ambulances”.

The three-wheelers have been provided by the Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) for free.

green ambulance 1

Photo source: Facebook

The NGO has planted 12,000 saplings in the city over a period of time, and its members are now entreating citizens to help ensure that those saplings flourish. In case someone sees a bunch of saplings withering away in any part of the city, they have to call the NGO’s helpline (90998 10420) for the ambulance.

The Green ambulances carry all necessary equipment required to save as many plants as possible. They come equipped with water, fertilisers, and even a gardener who rides along to understand the situation and provide immediate assistance.

The NGO plans to keep the service free of cost and to increase the number of ambulances plying across the city. Currently, they are able to provide this service through 10 fixed routes.

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According to the NGO, only 13% of the planted saplings survive infancy and become trees. So such services are imperative for Indian cities.

We hope that other regions across the country take a leaf from Vadodara’s book and instate such ambulances to ensure an increase in the green cover.

Contact Pagdand here

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