Starting a food truck business in India? The Better India has done some groundwork for you, gathering key information to help you kickstart your venture.

Delhi-based Dosa Inc — a food truck business started by Jyoti and her husband Satya in 2012 — caters to more than 50,000 households across Delhi, Gurugram and Noida. Their number one advice? — Choosing the right truck. The size and type of truck largely depend on the cuisine you want to serve.

“Also, take into account the purpose of your truck, if it will be driven around or parked in a fixed location,” they share. If you are opting for a second-hand truck, they advise checking for fitness certificates, registration, road tax receipts, and insurance.

However, they advise not to go for a used truck as they can cause heavy pollution. “The cost [of the truck]  can be anywhere between Rs 5,00,000 to Rs 25,00,000. This will depend on the purpose of the truck, its cuisine and if it’s a second-hand or a new truck. Our fully fitted out trucks have cost us Rs 10,00,000,” says Jyoti.

Another factor that determines the growth of your business is the location of the food truck.

“Decide the location as per the purpose of your truck — do you intend to remain in one location or intend to move between locations?” she shares.

“You will also need permission from local authorities, residential buildings and cops to function. Do not forget to study the footfall and demand analysis of the location,” she adds.

Multi-training the staff can help you save costs. At Dosa Inc, the duo utilise their staff for multiple operations. Their truck driver, for instance, is also their cashier.

The duo break up the cost of operations: – The raw materials, packaging material, cylinder, electricity, etc cost 25% of COGS (Cost of goods sold). – Staff salaries, accommodation, and food for staff cost about 30%. – The base kitchen rent and location cost about 15% of COGS. – The equipment and vehicle repair and maintenance costs are 10%.

As per the FSSAI website, the following permits and licences are required: – Employer identification number – FSSAI license – Business license – Vehicle license