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TBI Bulletin: Tamil Classics in Audio Form + Platform for Artists + Non-invasive Blood Sugar Monitoring + More! (07.06.2012)

Witness the power of youth and the positive impact of government action in the stories below. To share any positive news that you came across lately just write to us at contact[at] or tweet @thebetterindia or leave a comment on our facebook page.

1. The best aspect of a young brain is that it is active all the time. A group of young sound-effect specialists are making an audio movie in Tamil for the first time. This will enable one to enjoy Tamil classics such as Kalki’s Ponniyin Selvan, even if he/she cannot read Tamil!

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2. The great thinker Emerson had said “Art imitates Nature”! If you love Nature you should love Artists too! Perhaps inspired by similar feelings, four friends joined hands to set up Mysore Art Centre to offer a platform for artistes and to arouse artistic awareness among the people!

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3. Sweet news for sugar-cane cultivators! A device to get a higher crop through easier pruning of plants has been developed by Tamil Nadu Agricultural University.

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4. A couplet by Nidaa Fazali, the famous Urdoo poet, says “Dhhop mein niklo, ghattaon me nahaa ke dekho / Zindgee kya hai Kitaabo ko hataa ke dekho” (Come out under the open sun, enjoy a shower of greenery / Throw away all books if you desire to see the real, practical life!) Knowledge should not be restricted only to books. This has been demonstrated by four students of Goa College of Engineering who are working on a project for Non-Invasive Monitoring of Blood Glucose Levels.

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5. Everybody opposes pollution but who proposes measures to check it? Well, the Kerala government does. It has given permission to the Rail India Technical and Economic Services (RITES) to conduct studies for a Rs.500-crore pollution abatement project.

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Compiled by Devdutt.

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