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Consumers Can Save Big on Electricity Bills as Prices of LED Bulbs Drop to Rs 85 Per Unit from Rs 300
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Consumers Can Save Big on Electricity Bills as Prices of LED Bulbs Drop to Rs 85 Per Unit from Rs 300

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Under the Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme, the cost of LED bulbs has come down greatly. The cost of procuring LED bulbs has been falling for the past 20 months, a sign that is welcomed by both consumers and environmentalists. As of now, the cost of procurement of LED bulbs is at Rs 54.90 per unit, which is an 83% reduction from its price 20 months back, according to Power Minister Piyush Goyal. He also added that in less than 11 months, India’s LED usage grew from 0.1% to 12%.

Under the Energy Efficiency Service (EESL), about 15 crore bulbs have been distributed to consumers, which would save about Rs 4500 crores a year in electricity charges.

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According to EESL Managing Director Saurabh Kumar, the plan right now is to procure five crore LED bulbs at the current price of Rs 54.90. “ After pooling the price of these bulbs with those procured through earlier auction, I think the average retail price should come down to Rs 85 per unit from around Rs 90,” he said to PTI.

His target is to bring down the price even further, and procure these bulbs at Rs 44 per unit. He said that by buying 20 crore bulbs through auction, the prices are likely to reduce in 2016-17.

The Domestic Efficiency Lighting Programme was launched in 2015 to encourage consumers to use LED bulbs instead of CFLs, tube lights or incandescent lights. LED bulbs are not just energy efficient (consuming less than 133% electricity as compared to other bulbs), it stays longer too, for up to 50,000 hours, according to DELP. Besides this, these bulbs can help keep up the inverter or UPS battery life for longer, as they don’t use up that much power. And, they don’t emit UV or infrared waves.

The DELP scheme ensures that India converts to LED bulbs by providing these bulbs at a subsidised rate to consumers. Its target is to convert 770 crore incandescent lights to LED bulbs by 2019.

Piyush Goyal spoke about LED bulbs and its price drop at the launch of Vidyut Pravah, an app that provides state-wise and country-wide information about availability of electricity, prices of power exchange, shortages, and more.

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